Turn Your Dream Job
into Your Real Job

“Instead of hiring a career coach—buy this book. Make the Right Career Move is a wonderful guide for the new age professional. This book will help you execute one of the most important decisions in your life and includes practical tips that you will use for the rest of your career.”
Marshall Goldsmith
Best-selling author of
The Leader of the Future and
What Got You Here Won't Get You There!
“This great new book by Shelley Canter will help thousands of business people find not only a new job, but a satisfying career. This book is filled with practical tools and exercises that will help the reader identify what they really want from their career, how to write a winning resume, and most important of all, how to position yourself for the job.”
Victoria Husted Medvec,
Adeline Davee Barry Professor of Management and Organizations at
Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and
Executive Director of the Center for Executive Women
“In my many years working in the career field, here is the first book that guides attorneys and executives on how to Make The Right Career Move to their next job, career, or board position. It's action-oriented, quick to read, and it's not bogged down with theory. It provides tested, practical tools to help readers get their dream job.”
Martha Fay Africa,
Managing Director & Co-Founder, Major, Lindsey & Africa
Make the Right Career Move teaches the skills, tools, and branding to make all the right career moves, whether your focus is finding a new job, moving up to a better job, or making your current job better. It makes job search and self-promotion smarter, helping readers land their dream job and realize the benefits of a better job faster. It's a career guide that belongs in the hand of every executive, attorney or professional — or any ambitious job-seeker, from new graduates to senior executives.
This book offers a streamlined approach to your job search and career moves by offering tested short-cuts, tips, and secrets on how to create your brand, how to develop a job search plan, how to create a winning resume, and how to turn your existing contacts into a powerful network.
By emphasizing branding and positioning in job search strategy, and the critical career management and promotional tools of competitive advantages, resumes and interviews, Make the Right Career Move shows the reader how to beat the competition for the best jobs.

Sample chapters available here.
Read Chapter One of 'Make The Right Career Move'
Chapter one:
Stage One - Imagine Career Possibilities.
Secret: The major obstacle to your dream job is in your head.
Chapter two:
Stage One - Three Executive Obstacles to Job Search
Secret: The very executive habits that create work success can spell job search failure.
Chapter three:
Stage One - Career Satisfaction: The Elusive and Essential Ingredient of the Right Move
Secret: The right move is not necessarily “up.”
Chapter eight:
Stage Two - Three Approaches to Accomplishments
Secret: A triage approach will generate the best set of accomplishments.
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