What We Do
Selecting the right executives is a critical challenge for high-growth companies. Poor hires waste money and time. Recruitment, selection, and training of a single executive can run six figures, not to mention the costs of lost productivity from poor fit and turnover.The best hiring decisions rely on assessment as well as interview data. The formal assessment of management style adds critical, predictive information on performance and fit with a position, a management team, and business goals, such as:
  • How an individual makes decisions, communicates, and manages people and projects
  • What an individual requires for top performance, such as the degree of organizational structure, the amount of change in the work situation, the time and information to make significant decisions, and the optimal mix of independent contribution and teamwork
  • Sources of potential conflict in the styles of the candidate and a prospective boss
  • Critical client priorities such as service orientation or out-of-the-box thinking, or those to avoid, such as a high level of distrust or a command-and-control management style.
RJC Associates provides specialized tools to improve the selection process, enhancing external search or internal recruitment efforts to find the right fit. Using legally defensible assessment tools, we can develop a customized, assessment-based, non-discriminatory selection process with greater predictive value than that achieved by standard interview-based procedures. We can design a comprehensive selection program or evaluate a particular set of finalists for an executive position. For example, we can:
  • Evaluate individual and team profiles and provide feedback on areas of potential fit or misfit
  • identify the success factors that differentiate high and low performers at your company
  • construct a success profile to optimize fit with the position, executive team, corporate culture and strategic goals
  • deliver training in how to interview and evaluate candidates
What distinguishes us is:
  1. A successful track record in the roles of executive search consultant, selection consultant, and hiring manager;
  2. Innovative approaches to selection, including the use of assessment tools, based on predictors of performance and job fit; and
  3. Experience streamlining candidate identification procedures for the world's largest executive search firm.